Vespucci  1.0.0
Class Hierarchy
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 CAbstractDataAnalyzerThe AbstractDataAnalyzer class Pure abstract class describing an object that can be passed as a pointer to gui widgets
 CVespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCAThe AHCA class Handles agglomerative hierarchical clustering of data This class holds a tree which represents the clustering dendrogram
 CVespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCANodeThe AHCANode class This class stores a node in the data structure representing the AHCA dendrogram The AHCA dendrogram is a binary tree, each node stores two children, and its parent, if it exists. The root node has a NULL parent. The "leaves", which store single indices have null children
 CAnalysisResultsThe AnalysisResults class A container for a mat object that allows a mat to be copied to a heap-allocated object (this) so pointers to that mat cannot go out of scope. These objects should be heap-allocated inside smart pointers
 CVespucci::Math::KMeansWrapperThe KMeansWrapper class mlpack relies heavily on template metaprogramming. This means that you only need to compile what you actually use. But Vespucci must be precompiled with all possible options availible at runtime. Here, we instantiate supported combinations of template parameters for the kmeans class in mlpack
 CMapDataThe MapData class Class for processed map data. Images are created from this data
 CQCPBarDataHolds the data of one single data point (one bar) for QCPBars
 CQCPColorGradientDefines a color gradient for use with e.g. QCPColorMap
 CQCPColorMapDataHolds the two-dimensional data of a QCPColorMap plottable
 CQCPCurveDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPCurve
 CQCPDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPGraph
 CQCPFinancialDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPFinancial
 CQCPItemAnchorAn anchor of an item to which positions can be attached to
 CQCPLineEndingHandles the different ending decorations for line-like items
 CQCPRangeRepresents the range an axis is encompassing
 CQCPScatterStyleRepresents the visual appearance of scatter points
 CTestSessionThe TestSession class Loads mock datasets for testing classes
 CVespucciWorkspaceThe VespucciWorkspace class A class which contains all "global variables" (that aren't held in MainWindow)