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PLSData Class Reference

The PLSData class A class for performing and storing data related to partial least squares determinant analysis. More...

#include <plsdata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PLSData (QString name)
bool Classify (const mat &spectra, const vec &wavelength, int components)
 PLSData::Apply. More...
bool Calibrate (const mat &spectra, const mat &controls)
bool Discriminate (const mat &data, const mat &labels)
 PLSData::Discriminate. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AnalysisResults
 AnalysisResults (QString name, QString type)
 AnalysisResults::AnalysisResults. More...
virtual ~AnalysisResults ()
const mat & GetMatrix (const QString &key)
void AddMatrix (const QString &key, const mat &value, QStringList column_headings=QStringList())
void AddColumns (const QStringList &keys, const mat &value)
void AddMetadata (QString key, QString value)
void AddField (const QString &key, const field< mat > &value)
const field< mat > & GetField (const QString &key)
const mat & GetFieldElement (const QString &key, const uword &index)
bool HasField (const QString &key) const
bool HasMatrix (const QString &key) const
const QStringList KeyList () const
const QString name () const
const QString type () const
const mat & EmptyMatrix ()
const QMap< QString, QString > GetMetadata () const
const QString GetColumnHeading (const QString &key, int column)
const QString GetRowHeading (const QString &key, int row)
void SetName (const QString &new_name)
void SetType (const QString &new_type)
QSharedPointer< AnalysisResultsSubset (QStringList matrices, uword start_row, uword end_row)
void AddParent (QString key, uword start_row, uword end_row)
QMap< QString, uvec > parent_rows ()
bool Concatenate (QSharedPointer< AnalysisResults > other)
 AnalysisResults::Concatenate. More...
QSharedPointer< AnalysisResultsReplicate ()
 AnalysisResults::Replicate. More...
void RemoveMatrix (const QString &key)

Detailed Description

The PLSData class A class for performing and storing data related to partial least squares determinant analysis.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLSData::PLSData ( QString  name)

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Member Function Documentation

bool PLSData::Calibrate ( const mat &  spectra,
const mat &  controls 

Definition at line 63 of file plsdata.cpp.

bool PLSData::Classify ( const mat &  spectra,
const vec &  wavelength,
int  components 


spectraInput matrix
wavelengthSpectral abscissa
componentsNumber of components to calculate
Performs PLS analysis on the spectra matrix.

Definition at line 35 of file plsdata.cpp.

bool PLSData::Discriminate ( const mat &  data,
const mat &  labels 


Perform PLS-DA

Definition at line 98 of file plsdata.cpp.

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