Vespucci  1.0.0
Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA Class Reference

The AHCA class Handles agglomerative hierarchical clustering of data This class holds a tree which represents the clustering dendrogram. More...

#include <agglomerativeclustering.h>

Public Member Functions

 AHCA (std::string linkage_method, std::string metric_type)
 Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::AHCATree. More...
 AHCA ()
void Link (const arma::mat &data)
 Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::Link. More...
void SetLinkage (std::string linkage_method)
void SetMetric (std::string metric_type)
arma::mat Cluster (arma::uword k)
 Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::Cluster Generate cluster assignments from tree. More...
std::string metric_type ()
 Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::metric_type. More...
std::string linkage_method ()
 Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::linkage_method. More...
arma::mat merge_data ()
arma::mat dist ()
std::map< size_t, nodevecclusters ()

Detailed Description

The AHCA class Handles agglomerative hierarchical clustering of data This class holds a tree which represents the clustering dendrogram.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::AHCA ( std::string  linkage_method,
std::string  metric_type 


metric_typeValid parameters: linkage_method: "average" - average distance "centroid" - centroid distance should only be used with 'squaredeuclidean' or 'euclidean' distance metric "ward" - inner squared distance, should only be used with euclidean distance metrics "complete" - greatest distance between points "single" - least distance between points metric_type: "euclidean" "squaredeuclidean" "manhattan" "chebyshev" "cosine" "correlation"

This will throw std::invalid_argument if invalid linkage or metric provided If "ward" is selected as linkage method, the metric_type argument is ignored. Squared euclidean distance will be used.

If "ward" is seleced, the distance between steps is stored as the variance of the cluster.

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Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::AHCA ( )

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Member Function Documentation

arma::mat Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::Cluster ( arma::uword  k)

Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::Cluster Generate cluster assignments from tree.

kNumber of clusters to find
matrix with assignments in columns The linkage process will be repeated, but at a higher tree level with precalculated distances.

Definition at line 161 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

std::map< size_t, nodevec > Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::clusters ( )

Definition at line 209 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

arma::mat Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::dist ( )

Definition at line 204 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

void Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::Link ( const arma::mat &  data)


dataPerform the linkage to build the AHCA tree

Definition at line 81 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

std::string Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::linkage_method ( )


Access to name of linkage method

Definition at line 194 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

arma::mat Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::merge_data ( )

Definition at line 199 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

std::string Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::metric_type ( )


Access to name of metric

Definition at line 185 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.

void Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::SetLinkage ( std::string  linkage_method)

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void Vespucci::Math::Clustering::AHCA::SetMetric ( std::string  metric_type)

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