Vespucci  1.0.0
Vespucci::Math::Clustering Namespace Reference


class  AHCA
 The AHCA class Handles agglomerative hierarchical clustering of data This class holds a tree which represents the clustering dendrogram. More...
class  AHCALeaf
class  AHCANode
 The AHCANode class This class stores a node in the data structure representing the AHCA dendrogram The AHCA dendrogram is a binary tree, each node stores two children, and its parent, if it exists. The root node has a NULL parent. The "leaves", which store single indices have null children. More...


VESPUCCI_EXPORT arma::mat pdist (const arma::mat &x, std::string metric_type, arma::uword dim=1, std::string shape="row")

Function Documentation

arma::mat Vespucci::Math::Clustering::pdist ( const arma::mat &  x,
std::string  metric_type,
arma::uword  dim = 1,
std::string  shape = "row" 

Definition at line 289 of file agglomerativeclustering.cpp.