Vespucci  1.0.0
bandwidth.h File Reference

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 A namespace for "global" functions, including math functions.
 A namespace for math functions relating to linear least squares regression.
 A namespace for math functions relating to peak quantification.


VESPUCCI_EXPORT double Vespucci::Math::Quantification::FindBandwidth (const arma::vec &X, arma::uword min_index, arma::uword max_index, arma::vec &midline, arma::vec &baseline, double abscissa_step)
 Vespucci::Math::Quantification::FindBandwidth. More...
VESPUCCI_EXPORT arma::vec Vespucci::Math::Quantification::FindBandwidthMat (const arma::mat &X, arma::vec abscissa, double &min, double &max, arma::mat &midlines, arma::mat &baselines, arma::uvec &boundaries)
 Vespucci::Math::Quantification::FindBandwidthMat. More...